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Planner Just for You (PJFY) creates custom, handcrafted tools to help ministry teams walk in vision and unity together toward their goals, and toward the ultimate goal of winning the world for Christ.

I’m Sophie, the owner and designer, and I was inspired to start PJFY by my own experience on the mission field. After arriving and settling in for a few months, I began to feel like I was drowning - unable to remember all of my appointments and assignments, struggling to keep my priorities in the right order, and feeling more and more stressed and helpless. I was using organizational apps on my phone, but nothing was helping.

However, before I completely lost control, I came across a quality planner that helped pull me back above the waves and start to see things clearly again. I could keep track of the girls I was ministering to, I was able to remember to prepare correctly for meetings, and most importantly, things were no longer slipping through my fingers. Though the first planner I tried didn’t give me everything I ultimately needed, it was a vast improvement over what I had been doing before. After three years of assessing different planning systems, I finally found one that worked exactly right for everything going on in my life, and I am still using that system today, tweaking it every now and then.

I learned through my experience that it is very useful to have a physical tool to keep me focused on the right things, and also that it can take years to find one that works exactly how I need it to. I was inspired to start PJFY so that others in ministry don’t have to take the long path that I did, but instead can benefit from the expertise I’ve gained along the way.

More specifically, I am very interested in working with teams so that they can walk forward in unity and vision. When I make a planner for myself, I am doing it so that I can continue putting the vision before me, making sure to have the right priorities. When all members of a team have an opportunity to do this, the team can be more unified, moving forward in understanding and clarity.

I would love to work with you to create a strategic tool your team can use to literally stay “on the same page,” that ultimately all may know Him. If you’re interested in exploring a project with PJFY, you can fill out the form here, or you can email us at

I am very excited to work with you to further His Kingdom! Talk to you soon!



Keeping Your Team On The Same Page

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