What It Looks Like to Work with Planner Just For You

Thanks so much for your interest in exploring a custom, hand-made planner or journal for your team! Here you will see the steps you and Sophie can take together to make it happen.

  1. Products: PJFY is currently offering two main products, the Discipleship Planner for teams working together for longer than one month, and the Travel Journal for mission trips up to one month. Less often, we also create planners for individuals, see examples here.

  2. It all starts with a visit to our site! You have the option of downloading our product information pages on the product pages linked above or emailing Sophie any questions you have at

  3. Ultimately every project starts with you filling out this form. Doing this will help you.think through what you want your planner to accomplish and how you want it to look and feel. Don't worry - filling out the form does not obligate you to buy anything!

  4. After Sophie receives your form submission, she will contact you with a few choices and questions based on your answers to the form. She'll send you a quote you can discuss with her, accept, or decline. You also have the option of requesting more information or a sample.

  5. Upon acceptance of the quote, half of the total quoted price will be due at that time as a deposit. Sophie is also willing to discuss other payment options if you need. PJFY's payment form is located here.

  6. When you accept the quote, then the work gets started! For the team planners and journals, Sophie will put together what she thinks your project could look like (this could take 3 days to two weeks depending on your time needs and her current projects), and will email you a PDF to look over before she starts printing. Most changes aren't too laborious, so don't fear requesting any changes to your project. It needs to be just right for you!

  7. When a final document is agreed on, Sophie will get it printed and start the hand-crafting process. This includes the following: Folding the pages, punching holes in each group of pages (called signatures), hand-stitching the signatures together (using the Smyth binding stitch) to form the text block, putting the text block into the paper press and applying glue to the binding, letting the binding dry and then adding a protective adhesive to it, trimming the edges of the book with a heavy-duty manual guillotine paper-cutter, attaching bookbinding headband on the top and bottom of the binding, gluing on the leather-like polyurethane softcover and drying it in the paper press, trimming the cover, adding closure elastic and a back pocket, adding colored page markers and a ribbon bookmark, and finally adding any extras such as custom-designed functional planning stickers.

  8. Depending on how many planners your team needs, the production of the actual physical product may take a few days to a month.

  9. Finally, Sophie will package your planners and mail them to you via USPS Media Mail (cheaper but slower) or Priority Mail (faster but more expensive), depending on what you prefer. Shipping will be listed on your final invoice. If you are near enough to Cortland, NY, Sophie may hand-deliver the planners instead of mailing them.

  10. When you receive the planners, the second half of the quoted price will be due within two weeks. Please let Sophie know if you need a more flexible payment plan. PJFY's payment form is located here.

That's what the process looks like! If you have any questions, please email them to or fill out our contact form here.

We are so excited to work with you! Start your project with Sophie today by filling out this form. Talk to you soon!



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